SFU VentureLabs is an accelerator that focuses on science, technology, and innovation-based ventures

SFU VentureLabs was recognized as a top North American accelerator in 2017 by UBI Global, having propelled thousands of entrepreneurs and hundreds of companies through their venture journey. SFU VentureLabs will be supporting our company’s growth and assisting Plaid while we navigate through our expansion journey so that we can reach our next level, faster and be better equipped to help more institutions to make better, faster, more accurate, and more scalable enrolment decisions quickly and easily. We’re proud to partner with them.

Safe Software powers the flow of data with FME, the #1 platform for integrating spatial data.

FME allows you to connect to all of your applications, transform your data, and automate workflows. Working with Plaid and Safe can help your institution succeed with data. Knock down data silos. Stop having to manually export and import spreadsheets. Automate actions when your data updates. Ensure that you can have a single source of truth.

Denodo provides the core technology to enable data virtualization: allowing you to integrate data and its management from anywhere.

Denodo allows you to connect, introspect & govern any data source with zero data replication. Working with Plaid and Denodo can help your institution simplify how it accesses and stores data, increase knowledge, eliminate data duplication, and ensure stronger data governance. Building a logical data warehouse using Denodo helps you centralize how users access data, making it possible to move or change the underlying technology without impacting your end-users.