Table of Contents
1. Introductions 0:00
2. Introduction to FME 6:34
3. Education Subscription 14:01
4. Example Workflows 17:20
5. Indoor Mapping 18:12
6. Indoor Mapping Demo 33:15
7. Broadband in Canada 39:54
8. Broadband in Canada Demo 43:07
9. Resources and Q&A 57:14

FME in Education: How to accelerate and improve data analysis

Safe Software's FME has long been a core tool for users working with spatial data, but has capabilities across all spheres of data. The complete FME platform, including Desktop, Server, and Cloud, can help accelerate and automate the movement and transformation of data. This provides opportunities across the entire institution or organization, in finance, human resources, student services, facilities, information technology, strategic planning, and research.

This free webinar is the first in a series focused on how FME can help across the educational enterprise, and is ideal for anybody working in education interested in improving the way they work with data.

In this session we will cover:

  • An introduction to key FME key capabilities
  • An overview of common use cases
  • A demonstration of analysis combining spatial and non-spatial data
  • Moving data into a business intelligence tool for analysis
  • New education subscription pricing available to educational institutions

Webinar Details



  • Ardi Bakhtiary, Safe Software
  • Dean Hintz, Safe Software
  • Andrew Drinkwater, Plaid Consulting
  • Patrick Lougheed, Plaid Consulting

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