Table of Contents
1. Introductions 0:00
2. Agenda 1:59
3. What is Tableau Prep? 3:41
4. What is a Workflow? 4:54
5. Attendee Overview 6:17
6. Goals and Data Sources 7:14
7. Simple Example 8:59
8a. Main Example - WIL Actuals Workflow 19:27
8b. Main Example - Create Fake Targets 38:50
9. Results 39:28
10. Tableau Random Function 40:20
11. Tableau Python Integration 40:55
12. Results 45:30
13. Wrap Up 46:35

Writing to a Database with Tableau Prep Builder - Canadian Higher Education Tableau User Group

As of version 2020.3, Tableau Prep Builder can write to a database! This workshop covers how to use it with 3 examples

In this session we will cover:

  • What is Tableau Prep?
  • What's a Workflow?
  • Interactive Workshop:
    • Simple example: create a basic workflow to write to a database
    • Main example: create a more complex workflow to create government targets and compare to actuals, and write to a database
  • Brief Demo of Python Integration

Webinar Details



  • Andrew Drinkwater, Plaid Analytics
  • Patrick Lougheed, Plaid Analytics


If you want to participate interactively, here are some resources that will help you get started. Note that our demonstration databases are not available outside of the workshop, so you'll need to have your own database to work with.

Tableau workbook - Main Example: Actuals Versus Targets

Please note that this workbook uses a flat file instead of direct to database connection as was demonstrated in the webinar

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