Table of Contents
1. Welcome from CIRPA 0:00
2. Agenda 2:06
3. About Plaid Analytics 2:59
4. Denodo - Rise of the Logical Data Fabric 3:21
5. Where is My Data? 7:11
6. Logical Data Architecture 8:05
7. What is Data Virtualization? 9:46
8. Indiana University Case Study 15:40
9. Demo Data - PlaidU 23:58
10. Goals - Dashboard 27:44
11. Denodo Design Studio 29:06
12. Denodo Data Catalogue 39:44
13. Learn more about DV 49:13
14. Try it! Join our workshop Feb 23! 50:02

Plaid Analytics + Denodo Webinar: The Rise of the Logical Data Fabric in Institutional Research

Plaid Analytics and our Partner Denodo are proud to present "The Rise of the Logical Data Fabric in Institutional Research", focusing on how post-secondary institutions can benefit from using the logical data fabric and data virtualization. These sessions are targeted at IR and IT professionals (please feel free to forward to your IT colleagues).

This video covers the webinar portion of this event, delivered on February 16. For the hands-on workshop delivered on February 23, please see the recording. To participate in this workshop interactively, please contact us.

Watch workshop recording from Feb 23

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  • Patrick Lougheed, Plaid Analytics
  • Paul Moxon, Denodo

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