Data Success in Education: How FME Can Help Your Campus

Colleges and universities are surrounded by data. Think of all the systems you use in your work in higher education: student information systems, human resource management systems, financial information systems, planning tools, learning management systems, class schedules, bus schedules, how people move around campus and use wifi, even all the Zoom meetings you hosted this year. We’d even bet you have a few really important spreadsheets. But many campuses don’t have the right tools to digest this data, make it useful for analytics, or be able to make decisions in real time.

In this session we will demonstrate high-level use cases for how FME can help your campus be successful with your data:

  1. Building an automated data pipeline and data warehouse
  2. Combining campus SIS and cloud LMS data
  3. Projecting alumni economic impact - how much do my graduates earn?
  4. Enabling government reporting
  5. Creating an open data portal
  6. Empowering your data team with the FME education subscription

Plaid Analytics helps colleges and universities use data as an asset, uncovering key insights to help campuses provide the best student, faculty, and staff experience possible.

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Webinar Details



  • Andrew Drinkwater
  • Patrick Lougheed
  • Dr. Caroline Durdella