FME in Education: Automating Data Flows with FME Server and FME Cloud

Are you tired of having vlookups being the glue that holds your institution together?

We need to move data between computer systems, but too often this involves manual intervention, from data input and copying spreadsheets around to triggering data transformation processes in Safe Software's FME Desktop. But what if we could automate these data flows so they happen automatically on a schedule or when some of our data changes?

This free webinar is the third in a series focused on how FME can help across the educational enterprise, and is ideal for anybody working in education interested in improving the way they work with data.

In this session we will cover:

  • The advantages of using FME Server and FME Cloud to move data between systems
  • How to automate the flow of data between systems using FME Server and FME Cloud
  • How to trigger a data flow based on an event


Note: City of London (Ontario, Canada) data used under their open data license; the use of the data is not endorsed or certified by the City of London.

Webinar Details



  • Andrew Drinkwater
  • Patrick Lougheed