Modernizing Strategic Enrollment Management with Plaid Forecast (Jan)

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) & Planning is becoming imperative in higher education due to changing demographics, increasing transparency requirements, funding challenges, and shifting program mixes. SEM is a comprehensive process designed to help an institution achieve and maintain optimal enrolment, where optimal is defined within the academic context of the institution (Dolence, 1993).

The core pillars of SEM (Bontrager, 2004) involve:

  • Improving communication & collaboration
  • Creating student-centred services
  • Promoting student success
  • Aligning goals with the institutional mission
  • Using data to inform decisions & strategy

Join our webinar which focuses on how Plaid Forecast can support institutions in meeting their Strategic Enrollment Management goals.

Why Attend

Expert Insights: Gain insights from industry leaders with a wealth of experience in strategic enrollment management.

Practical Strategies: Acquire actionable strategies to implement SEM effectively within your institution.

Plaid Forecast Demo: Witness a live demonstration of Plaid Forecast in action, showcasing its user-friendly interface and its role in revolutionizing enrollment forecasting.

Who Should Attend?

  • Strategic Enrollment Management Leaders & Professionals
  • VPs responsible for Enrollment
  • Institutional Research Professionals


Plaid Forecast is a mobile-friendly, web-based enrolment scenario forecasting platform built exclusively for higher education. This cloud-based platform utilizing supervised machine learning enables collaborative, easy-to-use, accurate enrollment forecasting by many different stakeholders within an institution in seconds rather than hours.

Webinar Details



  • Andrew Drinkwater